20 Kinds of Women You Should Never Consider Marriage With

Before you sign your marriage contract, you have to be very sure about a person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Men especially tend to consider carefully what kind of woman they want to be with.

There are some things women do which show what kind of wives they will turn out to be. Thus, below is a list of 20 types of women men don’t want to marry.

  1. Control freak. Such women don’t respect their men’s opinions. They want everything to be their way, no matter if it is right or wrong. Such women don’t let their men take any decisions in their relationship and think that their men are inferior to them.
  2. Materialistic/money freak. Such women are financially dependent on their men. They ask for money every day, even for things which they don’t really need. Also, this type of women prefers to eat outside because they usually don’t know how to cook.
  3. Girlie lady. Such women behave as if they were still teenagers. They need a man just to show-off. Such women usually choose partners according to their looks. Also, they have a lot of female friends with who they spend most of their time and their partners usually lack their attention.
  4. The user. Such women use you only to get closer to your friends. She might choose one of your friends, pretend as if she is interested in you and when you fall in love with her, she moves from you to your friends.
  5. The born star. In such a relationship, you will always be inferior to your partner. Such women are known by many people and all guys want to be with her. At first, you might feel lucky but soon you will find yourself in your partner’s shadow.
  6. Comparison expert. No matter how hard you try, such women will always compare you to her ex-boyfriends.
  7. The insecure woman. Such women need a man in order to make her more confident. She is so insecure in a relationship that she chases away every woman who shows attention to her partner.
  8. Miss jealous. Although insecure women can also be jealous, but miss jealous type differs a bit. Such women can break all your friendships so that you would spend all of your time with her. She doesn’t like it when you spend time with your family either, especially if you don’t invite her, too.
  9. The one-way-street woman. Such women believe that relationships have to revolve around them. They don’t take any initiative and want their men to do everything for them. They don’t show affection if men don’t behave affectionately first. In such relationships, men become leaders and women follow them.
  10. Possessed demon. Such women can fight about every single detail, especially related to other females. She checks your phone constantly to see if you don’t talk to other girls and she doesn’t even show you to her female friends.
  11. Deceptive look. Such women always wear make-up when you meet them. Even in the mornings they wake up earlier than their partners in order to put some make-up on. But when you eventually see them all natural, it can scare you away seeing what kind of transformation their make-up actually does.
  12. Complaint box. This type of women always criticizes you. It seems that whatever you do, you can’t do it right. They complain not only about your behavior, but about life in general, too.
  13. The unconnected woman. Such women don’t have a life outside their relationships and they also don’t want their partners to have their separate lives either. She wants to meet with you every day and if you choose to do some activity without her, she becomes mad.
  14. Emotional fool. Such women get attached to their partners emotionally quite fast. During your first dates, they start talking about creating a family and having kids.
  15. Feminist. This type of women believes that women are better than men. Even when they are in relationships, they still talk about how all men behave badly and how amazing women are.
  16. Promiscuous lover. Such women are cheaters. One day they meet with you and the next day they meet with someone else. They hide their behavior quite well and their friends usually cover up for them if you start asking them questions.
  17. The “You complete me” woman. This type of women still doesn’t know who she is. Such women believe that once they get married, their lives will change for the better. Their worlds will be complete and their goals will be accomplished.
  18. The way-too-critical woman. Such women always seem to have problems. They are constantly negative and can find something bad in every situation.
  19. The wishy-washy woman. Such women are not sure what they want from your relationship. One day they can tell you how much they are in love with you and the next day they want to take a break for no reason at all. This type of women always has doubts.
  20. The micromanaging woman. Such women want to be in charge all the time. They will tell you what you can or cannot do. They also might want to change your personality.

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