5 Signs Your Personality Is So Strong It’s Intimidating Others

Have you ever heard other people telling you that you are not easy to be around? It is as if other people feel intimidated by your presence.

You feel strong and confident because of your past experiences. You shouldn’t apologize to people who feel uncomfortable around you because being such a strong human being is what we all should seek for.

Below is a list of qualities which extremely strong people possess.

  1. You don’t like small talk. It makes you feel annoyed. You feel best when you talk about meaningful subjects. Thus, you rarely get involved in gossips or dramas. You become angry when you talk about deep subjects and someone interrupts you with a small talk.
  2. You don’t tolerate willful ignorance. You are open-minded. You can’t stand ignorance as you know that such people judge or criticize others while lacking knowledge and information about them.
  3. You see more opportunities than others. Because you are open-minded, you are also open to new opportunities and experiences. This attitude makes it easier for you to overcome difficult situations in life.
  4. Your focus is on solutions and not on problems. You are not one of such people who make all kinds of excuses so that they won’t have to do their work. In fact, you put such people in their places. Also, you don’t complain because you know that it is only a waste of time. You pay more attention to finding solutions to your problems rather than to problems themselves.
  5. You are a person of your word. You are extremely honest. Some people think you are rude but it is only because you tell them exactly what’s on your mind. If you say something, you act accordingly to your words.

Thus, if you know someone who has these traits, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by them – in fact, you can learn a lot from such people if you only try to see through their strong and intimidating nature.

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