5 Things Every Empath Tries to Hide From You

Empaths are extremely sensitive people. Thus, if you spend time with them, there are certain things you have to know so that there won’t be any misunderstandings and you won’t hurt their feelings.

Empaths are in tune not only with their own feelings but also with those who are close to them. They can feel other people’s energies, too. Because such people know how hard life can get, they will always come to help you even when you are too afraid to ask for their help. They have a strong sense of intuition and can tell if something is going wrong even if you don’t tell it to them.

Below are listed 5 main things which empaths try to hide from other people.

  1. Their sensitivity. Empaths are extremely sensitive. They feel as if they have been put on this earth in order to save other people. Life can be quite hard to them but they rarely talk about it with others as they don’t want to be a burden.
  2. They absorb other people’s emotions. If you are sad, empaths become sad, too. They try not to show it as there has to be someone to cheer you up. Also, modern society looks at such people as crazy, thus, it is one of their qualities which empaths try to hide.
  3. They are introverts. Empaths feel the happiest people when they are left alone. Because of the fact that being around others can overwhelm them quite easily, empaths need alone time to regroup and rest.
  4. They can tell if someone is lying. They are great people readers. It doesn’t take them long to notice if other people are lying to them or not. However, they won’t tell you anything about it. They will let you do what you do but they will keep in mind that you are not trustworthy.
  5. Sometimes they give too much. Because they see it as a priority to help other people first and then to take care of themselves, empaths tend to neglect themselves. They give so much to others without expecting them to give something in return that it makes them feel less worthy of their own attention.

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