Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Zodiac Sign

The below mentioned list will help you to find out what to expect when you are dating a certain Zodiac sign.

  1. Aries. PROS: They are very adventurous and they know how to make their relationships exciting. CONS: They can be too hard on themselves and when they feel in such way, they can put you on a silent treatment.
  2. Taurus. PROS: Taurus is a great cook. They know how to take care of their partner and show him love. CONS: They can become too stubborn and will refuse doing anything at such times.
  3. Gemini. PROS: They are very communicative and treat their partners like a priority. CONS: They make impulsive decisions and because they believe they are very smart, they can make you feel as if you don’t know as much as they do.
  4. Cancer. PROS: They are committed and know how to keep secrets. CONS: They have constant mood swings and if you ask them what’s wrong, they will shout and scream at you.
  5. Leo. PROS: Leos have a great sense of humor and are positive people. You will never be bored in a relationship with a Leo. CONS: They don’t feel connected to other people’s feelings and can unintentionally hurt them.
  6. Virgo. PROS: They are compassionate and always think about their behavior and words so that they won’t hurt others. CONS: They are extremely sensitive and if you try to help them, Virgos will often suspect that you do it in order to get something out of it.
  7. Libra. PROS: They are the best at flirting and will always make you feel hot and attractive. CONS: They can tease you a lot and make fun of you. Libras also avoid conflicts, thus, if you want to talk about something serious, they are very likely to disappear.
  8. Scorpio. PROS: Scorpios are passionate and intense. They like to connect on a deeper level. CONS: On the other hand, their extreme intensity can be overbearing, thus, dating a Scorpio is very challenging.
  9. Sagittarius. PROS: They are funny people to be around. Sagittarius is active and full of energy, thus, you will never get bored in his company. CONS: Because they always need excitement in their lives, it can be quite difficult to make them commit and settle down.
  10. Capricorn. PROS: They are loyal and trustworthy. They also constantly make surprises to you and give you gifts without any special occasion. CONS: They can be manipulative and controlling.
  11. Aquarius. PROS: They always want to try something new. You can be yourself around such people as Aquarius accepts everyone just the way they are. CONS: They always want to be in charge and if they feel that they are losing control, they can become quite aggressive.
  12. Pisces. PROS: Pisces can put a smile on your face even if you’ve had the toughest day. They are sensitive towards other people, too. CONS: If you make them angry or upset, it can be quite difficult to make them talk about it.

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