10 Signs of a Man Who Will Never Ever Stop Loving You

Men don’t like to be so open about their feelings as women do. Thus, it sometimes can be quite difficult to understand what your partner feels for you.

Below is a list of 10 signs which show that a man is really in love with you.

  1. He supports you no matter what. When it comes to your dreams and goals, he is your biggest supporter. As long and you don’t harm yourself, a loving man will support your every action.
  2. He solves any disagreement. If a man doesn’t avoid conflicts and disagreements and actually wants to solve them with you, it means that he truly cares about your relationship.
  3. He makes you a part of decision making. A loving man thinks that your opinion is as important as his own. Thus, when he wants to buy a new car or even when he wants to get his hair done, he will ask for your opinion.
  4. He shows love and affection. He holds your hand when you take a stroll in a park and he gives you hugs whenever you need them.
  5. He genuinely cares for you. He wishes only best things to you. He wants to keep you safe and healthy. For example, when you are walking down the street, he pulls you towards the footpath side so you won’t be hit by cyclists.
  6. He respects you and trusts you. He respects your opinion and your life. Although he might get jealous from time to time, he would never restrict your freedom. He trusts you and your decisions.
  7. He speaks as well as listens. A man who is in love with you likes to share stories. He enjoys telling you how his day went. In addition, he likes to listen to your stories. He likes to be the first one to who you come when you have good as well as bad days.
  8. He accepts both your strengths and weaknesses. A loving man doesn’t judge you because of your weaknesses. He doesn’t use them against you when you have a fight. When you are with the right man, you want to work on your weaknesses and make your strengths even better.
  9. Your happiness matters to him. A loving man wants to see you happy all the time. Thus, he likes doing things which you enjoy. It may be cooking your favorite dinner or simply telling you that he misses you when you are apart.
  10. He considers long-term goals. A man who is in love with you makes future plans with you. He is fully committed to you and wants you to know about it through his actions.

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